Our opinion: Dialogue is good

Nearly two dozen people showed up to take advantage of Mayor Maurice Cashman’s first Town Hall meeting on Wednesday evening.

We’re not going to venture that a “good time was had by all,” but we will commend those who attended, offered input and comment, and the new mayor signalled a subtle, but welcome change in Warren City government – an openness that invites public input.

Sure, anyone can attend a Warren City Council meeting and be recognized to address the board on an issue or a pending decision, but an invitation for an informal give-and-take session on any topic relating to the city is something new. It is something particularly appealing.

Make no mistake, no problems were solved, no drastic changes in policy were set in motion, but suggestions were made; information was offered.

And, to top it off, there was no anger, no accusations, none of the contentiousness that sometimes boils to the surface in meetings between elected officials and the public.

Cashman is new to the mayor’s job, but he is not new to city government.

His outreach to the public for ideas, even criticism, is both commendable and somewhat courageous.

We look forward to the next session.