Dear editor,

I read with great interest the article written on “Blood Moons.” It’s true that eclipses happening on certain Jewish holy days have prophetic significance, not only for Israel, but for the entire planet. Many believe that celestial events occurring in 2014 and ’15 could signal global upheaval.

In a previous letter, I commented on the dangers our nation is facing economically, socially, politically and spiritually. The political situation is especially alarming as our constitution becomes increasingly irrelevant and we edge ever closer toward dictatorial rule. We see this in multiple scandals involving the NSA, IRS and the Justice Dept. investigating what little remains of an independent press.

However, this sobering trend is also a global phenomenon. World economies are being sustained by massive debt and the printing of “funny money.” With America being eliminated from any affective world leadership, it’s no wonder movements to restrict personal liberties are on the rise as global stability deteriorates.

In the 1980’s I was part of a large group engaged in an intensive study of Bible prophecy. Instead of relegating much of scripture to the distant past, we applied it to the “end times.” What we discovered was truly fascinating.

For example, one passage from the book of Daniel portrays a coalition of nations from the West launching an all out attack on what is now Iraq and Iran, reducing them to rubble “shock and awe.” This confrontation results in the rapid decline of the major power in the West we understood this to be the US. Following this decline other nations rush to fill the power vacuum. The first is symbolized by a “bear” (Russia), fierce and seeking to assert its authority. Second, is a leopard like power with four heads which we interpreted as possibly the “4 tigers of Asia” with China dominating. This seems to be born out in other scriptural passages. Without a strong US presence chaos reigns until the “nations” join together into a final stage, a “New World Order.”

Today, because of disastrous domestic and international policies, America is adrift. Putin’s Russia and communist China, emboldened by our indecisiveness, race to extend power and influence. The confrontation with a nuclear Iran is only a matter of time. And the “New World Order,” a nightmare in scripture, is being promoted by everyone from the UN’s Ban Ki-moon to Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. Whether 2014 and ’15 are pivotal years and our conclusions prove to be correct remain to be seen. But, perhaps the return of Jesus Christ is nearer than we ever thought possible.


John A. Peterson

Chandlers Valley