Dear editor:

I am writing this letter to address the people speeding in the 1400 block of Jackson Run road. My question is, “What is your hurry?” Do you realize this is a residential neighborhood?

There are children in this neighborhood and people trying to pull out of driveways. You do realize there is a speed limit (although it is not enforced” and there are no guard rails where they need to be.

But, come on, people, slow down – or won’t you be satisfied until someone is killed?

This is an ongoing problem. There are many accidents of various degrees of severity almost weekly. The result of irresponsible driving is injuries to these speeding drivers, demolished vehicles (including my own parked vehicles), a car through my house, and also extensive front yard damage.

I have made numerous calls to officials to see what can be done, but to no avail. A flashing caution light could save a life, maybe mine or possibly yours or a member of your family. Status quo is not the way to go! So, as for me, maybe I will be seeing Warren County in my rear view mirror, sooner rather than later.

Thank you. Have a good day on a road other than mine.


Debra Duckworth