The rest of the story

Dear editor:

As happens in the Times Observer from time to time we lose the end of an AP article with important facts to help the reader form their opinion with balanced information:

“City labor unions agreed to millions of dollars in concessions to save Harrisburg more than $4 million a year and creditors agreed to walk away from potentially more than $100 million.”

Union members often concede to solve problems but get little acknowledgement and are then bombarded with such proposed legislation as Rep. Rapp is fostering in HB 1507 dues deductions restrictions.

Please take note that Brad Koplinski, candidate for Lt. Governor of PA, was quoted and as a Harrisburg City Council member, was instrumental in overturning the receivership of our capital city.

On the further state topic of PA worker pensions, I am grateful that the Times Observer in the past has included the fact that educators (teacher union members) have paid their fair portion of the pension whereas the school districts and state did not, thus resulting in the pension crisis.

Karen Davis, Warren