DeFrees Fund bd. elects officers

The DeFrees Family Memorial Fund committee met Feb. 24 at the Jefferson DeFrees Center to select officers for one-year terms and to approve the first distributions for 2014. Those elected to be officers of the committee include Dr. Howard Ferguson, chairperson; Elsa Redding, vice chairperson and secretary; and Robert Crowley, treasurer and chairperson of the finance committee. Others who serve on the committee are Dennis Hedges, Bernard J. Hessley, Esquire, and Susan Merritt.

Distributions from the fund are made to tax exempt organizations as defined by the Internal Revenue Code on a bi-annual basis. Amounts which are available for distribution vary and are determined by the amount of income earned by the fund. Donations are made to religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational entities with the underlying goal the promotion of the wellbeing of the inhabitants of Warren County and vicinity. An application must be made by an organization seeking support from the fund; the applications are then considered for approval by the fund committee. The next distribution date will be Sept. 8, 2014, with applications for consideration due Aug. 30, 2014. Applications are available by contacting The DeFrees Family Fund at P.O. Box 691, Warren, PA. Requests for applications can also be made by telephone, 723-9552; fax, 726-7099; or email,