Eisenhower Contracts OK’d

Two open-ended professional design services were approved, and work orders subsequently issued, for work at the Eisenhower complex.

“The Warren County School District has always had open agreements with different professional, engineering (and) architectural firms,” said Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, WCSD director of buildings and grounds, during committee meetings on Monday. He said the agreement allows the district to issue work orders when projects come up.

Kennerknecht said the district currently has four such agreements in place. The agreements with Basco Associates and McFarland, Kistler & Associates forwarded to the full board for action would raise that total number to six.

The committee also moved to the full board one work order for each entity.

To Basco Associates, administration recommended the award of a work order in the amount of $5,000 “for drawings and specifications for the project known as the Eisenhower ADA Ramp.”

“When we originally did the layout of Eisenhower, we did have discussion (that) did include a ramp. (With) estimates close to a month before the project was bid, (we) were concerned about meeting the budget and several items were moved from the project, including this ramp,” said Kennerknecht.

He said the food service personnel expressed a desire for the ramp. “Food was going to be prepared at the high school and carted to the elementary,” he said. Without the ramp, that concept would have to be reconsidered.

Board member Tom Knapp asked if the ramp would be required for students with disabilities to access the high school section of the building.

“As a manner of speaking, not necessarily so,” said Kennerknecht, explaining that a wheel chair lift will be installed on the side of the addition that fronts Rt. 957. “It is a matter of convenience,” he said. “(It) would be more convenient to have a ramp at that end. It would give us two options to achieve that.”

The second work order is to be issued to “McFarland, Kistler & Associates for $4,960.00 for drawings and specifications for the project known as the Eisenhower Elementary Food Prep Area.”

“As we discussed the preparation of food with Nutrition, Inc. and doing it in an efficient, healthy and effective manner, including requirements from the Department of Agriculture, it has come to our attention that we need several other things in order do to that,” said Kennerknecht. Some of those items include serving lines, a point of sales station, a freezer, milk cooler and an “area to keep the things that are cooked in the high school kitchen warm.

“The work order is for McFarland and Kissler to design a food service preparation area that would be in (the) multipurpose room,” he said. The food prep area would be 11.5 feet by 37 feet.

Knapp asked where the space would come from for this area, expressing concern that it might cut into the space for the use of the multi-purpose room as an auxiliary gym. He specifically mentioned the use of the space for athletic practices because a second gym was not part of the design.

“It does not interfere with that,” said Kennerknecht. “It doesn’t change the width (of the court).”

Board President Arthur Stewart asked where the funding for these work orders would come from. Kennerknecht affirmed that the design work will be funded through project contingency.