County discusses Industrial zone living

Those looking to live in an industrial zone or have a service industry… anywhere in Warren County now have the option.

The county Planning and Zoning Commission passed along some recommended changes to the county zoning ordinance.

County Zoning Officer Aaron Kalkbrenner said the commission would like to see single- and multi-family dwellings added to the list of allowed uses in industrial zones. Single-, two-, and multiple-family dwellings would be allowed under a special exception.

Commissioner John Bortz urged the commissioners to be cautious in making that change because it could put a home next to an adult entertainment establishment.

“It’s possible that someone who wants to move their home to an industrial zone… an adult establishment could go right side-by-side with them,” he said.

Commissioner John Eggleston suggested a buyer-beware policy. “Any time someone moves into or builds a home in an industrial zone, there’s a chance something unpleasant will go in next to them,” he said.

“That’s something the individual would have to be aware of,” Eggleston said.

There are houses in industrial zones throughout the county and as long as they are occupied, they are not subject to the zoning. However, if a house should go two years without being occupied the zoning rule would then apply to the property, Kalkbrenner said.

The commissions later unanimously approved the change.

The zoning ordinance includes a definition for personal services. A number of service sector industries like hair styling qualify as personal services. The problem is that the only zone that allows personal services is the village district. There are no village districts in the county, Kalkbrenner said.

The commissioners approved allowing personal services in business and business transitional zones.