Married names for two schools

It may not be the most urgent concern regarding school construction projects in the Warren County School District, but it presents an interesting dilemma.

When the K-12 facilities at Eisenhower and Sheffield are complete, what will they be called?

The Physical Plant and Facilities Committee of the school board of directors tackled that issue on Monday night in a meeting at the Warren County Career Center.

“All of our buildings are named in policy,” said WCSD Director of Buildings and Grounds Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht. “Because we are altering what buildings are functioning, (we) have to adjust policy. We need to settle on what we are going to call the new schools.”

Kennerknecht said the possibility exists for the elementary wing to be considered its own K-5 school or for the entire campus to be one entity with a K-12 designation. In that scenario, some efficiency would be found from a reporting standpoint, as all reports filed with the state would only have to be completed once.

“Also the fact that it would be one group up there,” Kennerknecht said of the K-12 idea, “not an individual elementary school that is separate. There is a sharing of resources. We know what the savings are in sharing resources.

“It could be whatever you want to call it,” he added.

Board member Tom Knapp asked, “Which would be easiest, one name or two names?”

He specifically mentioned mail delivery as one situation where it might make a difference.

“Certainly, one name would be easier,” said Kennerknecht, indicating that he would recommend Eisenhower be named ‘Eisenhower K-12.’

Board member Mary Anne Paris asked whether the K-12 entity would have two principals one elementary and one secondary.

Superintendent Dr. William Clark said that at an upcoming directors meeting that issue will be a point of discussion.

“Currently, that was the plan (to have two),” he said.

“Would the high school principal be over the elementary (or) would they be shared equally?” Paris asked.

Clark said the positions would be shared equally.

Kennerknecht then made a similar name proposal for Sheffield to be named ‘Sheffield K-12.’

Community member Nicole Peterson encouraged the board to avoid a “Sheffield School” type designation because the initials would be SS, the same as the elite Nazi military wing during the 1930s and 1940s. She said such a name would be “inconsiderate” and she “would think it is an embarrassment.”

Kennerknecht said, “We would refer to it as K-12.”