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Ominous times

Dear editor,

After observing the latest events in Washington, D.C., I felt impressed to offer a few comments.

As I have written previously, I believe our country has entered dangerous waters. The economic outlook is dismal with over 90 million people out of the work force. The unemployment figures are constantly being manipulated with the actual numbers much higher than reported we saw evidence of this prior to the last election. The average family income is steadily declining as prices continue to soar. Food stamps have nearly doubled over the last five years with other entitlements surging as well. When Obamacare is fully implemented over 2.5 million jobs will be lost. It seems incredulous to attribute this kind of financial recklessness to mere incompetence.

It’s interesting that when the President attended Columbia University in the early 1980’s there was a theory among the radical professors regarding the “fundamental transformation” of the U.S. into a socialist state. It involved overloading the system with massive debt until the country finally collapsed. In the aftermath the nation would be reassembled into something totally repugnant to our Founding Fathers. With Obama accumulating more debt than nearly all the other chief executives combined it does give cause for some sober reflection.

But sober reflection doesn’t end there. I never imagined seeing some agency like the NSA collecting personal information on every citizen in the country. Or that the IRS would be openly used to harass political opponents and religious organizations. I’m also amazed that so many military personnel and actual witnesses to the Benghazi attack would be forced into silence. Or that our government would engage a foreign policy emboldening our enemies and ensuring America’s decline.

Culturally, it’s sobering as well, with the addiction to heroin and other hard drugs at epidemic proportions. And who can forget the President of Planned Parenthood announcing that the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is a safe abortion? With over 54 million of the unborn terminated is this really what she should be trumpeting?!

The more I ponder our present situation, the more I believe that the problem isn’t just a lawless administration or mind numbing drugs. Maybe the problem lies with we the people and what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. In his book, “The Harbinger,” author Jonathan Cahn compares America with ancient Israel. Two nations so blessed by God yet ultimately losing their way. With ancient Israel the drifting away from Divine principles led to national ruin. I’m praying that our country quickly returns to those principles and to the desire to be free.


John A. Peterson

Chandlers Valley