Demolition of Beaty St. residence moves closer

A Beaty Street residence that was the scene of a murder-suicide in 2009 has moved closer to demolition.

City of Warren Code Official Alan Gustafson told Warren City Council last Monday that a “notice of violation has been sent out to the last legal owner of record.”

The last legal of record was the deceased male, who allegedly shot and killed his wife before taking his own life. Gustafson said that notice was also sent to the guardians of the deceased male’s son.

The notices are the next step “to see if we can get this taken care of,” said Gustafson, who noted that a demolition notice is the next step.

City Solicitor Andrea Stapleford updated Warren City Council in January that the city has elected to proceed with enforcement under the property maintenance code for existing violations at the residence. Stapleford said that progress under that code could “result in the demolition of this property if not completed within the given time frame.”

Gustafson said then that “typically a notice of violation will go out.”

A typical timeframe for addressing the nuisances, or to bring a plan of correction to the city, is 30 days, he explained. However, he said they do not expect to receive a response because the owners are deceased. If no response is received, the city can then proceed with demolishing the structure.

“Two to three months should get us to a place where we can make the decision for demolition,” said Gustafson.

Under this scenario, the city would demolish the structure, not take possession of the property.

The Times Observer reported in September that the name of the deceased man is still on the deed and that an estate had not been opened for him after his death.

Total cost of demolition, which would fall to the city, could be between $5,000 and $6,000. An $1,800 municipal lien is currently also in place.

The city has been mowing the grass and handling snow removal at the property for some time and that would likely continue after demolition.