Girl Scout Art Show winners announced

The annual Girl Scout Art Show was held Feb 3-13 with more than 50 girls participating. Each received a participation ribbon. Each Scout was permitted to enter three pieces into the show. Additionally, awards were given to the top troop art projects.

People’s Choice awards also were given for the most votes for the general public’s favorite piece of art from the art show for each level of Girl Scouts. Each girl received a trophy. People’s Choice winners were Daisy Laura Sriker, Brownie Laney Gatto, Junior Angelina Vavala, Cadette Lily Striker, and Senior Sammy Moore.

Winners List:

Daisy Level – kindergarten, first grade

First place: Laura Striker, Madelyn Messinger, Brady Caudill, Phoebe Boger (2x), Madeline Walker, Lily Walker

Second place: Callan Gigliotti (2x), Addison Schott, Madelyn Jones, Samantha Caudill

Third Place: Sophie Walker

Honorable mentions (HM): Kayla Saeli

Troop Art Projects: first place: Troop 36519, leaders are Amy Caudill and Beth Graham; second place: Troop 36657, leaders are Mona Cole-Coyle and Jennifer Rarey

Brownie Level – second and third grade

First place: Shyann Rulander (2x), Bailey Roudybush, Aurora Feaster, Savanna Carlson, Kendra Chase, Natalie Holland

Second place: Iris Kiehl, Kendra Chase, Emma Larsen

Third place: Laney Gatto, Sara Sokolski

HM: Caitlyn Barney, Ava Peterson, Grace Hobbs, Kirsten Johnson, Natalie Holland, Bailey Roudybush, Shyanne Mong, Emma Larsen, Chevelle Yeskey, Naomi Scott

Troop Art Projects: first place: Troop 36216, leaders are Anna Peterson; second place: Troop 31156, leaders are Suzy Walker and Michelle Sokolski

Junior Level – fourth and fifth grade

First place: Brooke Peterson, Angel Godden, Alix Lytle, Angelina Vavala (2x), Sydney Rex, Jordyn Cooper

Second place: Gabby Wilson

Third place: Carlene Sowers

Troop Art Projects: first place: Troop 36536, leaders are Kim Smith; and second place: Troop 30081, leaders are Sue Vavala and Jessica Rexe

Cadette Level – sixth through eighth grades

First place: Shannon Kellogg, Maggie Kratz, Jacinda Zeller, Lily Striker

Second place: Alicia Striker

Third place: Leah Drake

Troop Art Project: first Troop 30493, leaders are Molly Kratz and Brenda Zeller

Senior Level – ninth and 10th grades

First place: Alyssa Phelps, Sammy Moore (2x), Robin Thomas (2x)

Special Appreciation is given to all the parents, troop leaders, Linda Eberl, Wilma Fleming and Ron Keeney who all helped make the Girl Scout Art Show a great success for the girls.