Recent food service inspections announced

The following food service inspections were conducted in the City of Warren in January.

Jack’s Tap House, 211 Liberty St., one critical violation – cutting boards need proper cleaning or replacement; two non-critical violations – thermometers not provided in all refrigerators and freezers, and non-food contact surfaces need to be cleaned.

Holy Redeemer Center, 11 Russell St., no violations.

West End Take Out, 1402 Pennsylvania Ave. W., two non-critical violations – thermometers not provided in all refrigerators and freezers, and kitchen floor needs to be cleaned.

Peppermill, 1505 Pennsylvania Ave. E., no violations.

Perkins, 115 Ludlow St., re-inspection, violation corrected.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture released food inspections conducted through Feb. 14.

AMVETS Post 50, RR 1 Stoney Run Road, Sugar Grove, four violations: one partial gallon of milk within the walk-in cooler expired; baking equipment not being cleaned every 24 hours as evident by the burned food residue and carbon buildup on the bottom of the convection oven; thick buildup of dust on drain pipes under the three-compartment sink and soda gun lines in the bar area; and thick buildup of dust on the back fins of the condenser unit within the walk-in cooler (no open containers of food observed).

Applebee’s, 2725 Market St., five violations: frozen condensation buildup on master containers of food stored under the condenser unit within the walk-in freezer; condensation dripping from the condenser unit within the walk-in freezer – frozen condensation buildup on storage shelving and master containers of food stored below; observed scale and grime buildup on the interior corners and arm-bars of the wash compartment in the high-temp dish machine; food debris and litter under wire rack storage shelves and corners within walk-in cooler, food prep areas, and under the high-temp dish machine; and fly paper mounted on ceiling above clean dish/container storage shelving and sanitize-side base of the three-compartment sink.

Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department, 17 N. Main St., Clarendon, one violation: flaking, chipping paint observed on pipe directly above three-compartment sink.

Dollar General, 73 Railroad St., Youngsville, three violations: observed a buildup of debris in the bottom center of a cold hold unit under the door light; observed eight broken and rough floor tiles located in the sales floor area; and drywall in the back stock room has numerous holes and damaged areas that are in need of repair.

Double D’s, 4020 Route 27, Garland, four violations: three bowls of butter packets held at 70 degrees in the bar area rather than 41 degrees or below as required for unverifiable amount of time; soda lines and/or non-integral cold plate device installed in ice bin, and in direct contact with ice used for consumer beverages; dry food residue observed on the exterior storage casing for stem-type thermometer – interior and thermometer O.K.; and one fluorescent light bulb not shielded nor shatterproof as required over toaster oven in food prep area.

Downunder, 7 E. Main St., Youngsville, three violations: toilet room in kitchen/food prep area does not have a self-closing door; one fluorescent tube light over the three-compartment sink is not shielded nor shatterproof as required; and heavy buildup of dust on the ventilation hood system mesh filters and framework above the oven and on wall-mounted metal storage shelving below – condenser unit in the walk-in cooler still has a heavy buildup of dust on the back fins.

Fairmont Tavern, 118 E. Main St., Youngsville, three violations: heavy dust buildup on wall-mounted cabinetry in warewashing area and under all bar counter areas; numerous areas of linoleum and floor tiles are cracked/broken throughout the facility in the kitchen, storage, bar, and dining areas; and one incandescent light bulb is not shielded nor shatterproof in the warewashing area.

The Galley, 201 E. Main St., Youngsville, two violations: all three reach-in freezers in the back store room have an accumulation of food debris and residue on the interior bottoms; and dust buildup observed on light fixtures and in ceiling corners in the back store room.

Kwik Fill Food, 30345 Route 6, Pittsfield, five violations: thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible; loose rubber door gasket observed on walk-in cooler door; black and pink slime-like residue observed on the interior deflector and top left storage bin of the ice maker; exposed loose hanging ceiling insulation and dust buildup located directly above the three-compartment sink; and food facility operator failed to post an original, valid food employee certification in a location conspicuous to the consumer.

Lee House, 100 Leather St., Sheffield, four violations: one partial gallon of milk observed in cold-hold unit expired; storage cabinet under the three-compartment sink, left back corner under the bar counter, ceiling in dry storage area, and ceiling in the equipment storage room are in need of a detailed cleaning as there is a heavy accumulation of dust; observed dry food residue located on the potato slicer blades and heavy dust accumulation on the surrounding framework and mount; and several ceiling areas throughout the facility have loose hanging, chipping, and/or flaking paint that need to be removed, dining area ceiling to the right of the female toilet room shows evidence of leaking as the ceiling is sagging, wet, and a plastic container placed on floor below with still standing water (not a food storage area).

Nanak Multiservices, 27740 Route 6, Youngsville, five violations: duct tape repairs made to the front cashier counters are fraying, making them rough and not easily cleanable; thermometer for ensuring proper food temperatures was not calibrated; black mold-like residue observed on the interior deflector in the bin of the ice deflector; observed a heavy accumulation of dust and debris in the right corner next to the entrance; and two ceiling air ducts in the food prep area have a heavy buildup of dust.

Napoli Pizza, 1666 Market St. Ext., three violations: observed a 40-pound box of frozen jumbo chicken wings, sitting atop a thin baking pan on floor next to the walk-in cooler, thawing at room temperature – not an approved thawing method; heavy buildup of dust on floor under and wall behind pizza ovens, thick buildup of dust on electrical wire and the fan mounting brackets of the condenser unit within the walk-in cooler, and wire rack shelving within the walk-in cooler has a buildup of dust and food debris; and five fluorescent tube lights in the food prep area not shielded nor shatterproof.

Roma’s Pizzeria, 928 Market St. Ext., no violations.

Train Station, 1 Railroad St., three violations: manual warewashing three-compartment sink set up incorrectly; small amount of dust accumulation on ceiling next to ventilation hood system; and two fluorescent tube lights over food prep table not shielded nor shatterproof.

Walmart, 2901 Market St. Ext., four violations: frozen foods observed not maintained in a frozen state in a reach-in freezer; a reach-in cooler not capable of maintaining frozen products in a frozen state when it enters a defrost cycle; and floor below a majority of all the food storage shelving in the sales floor area have a heavy accumulation of dirt, litter, food containers, and/or food residue.

Youngsville Firemans Auxiliary, 29 Fireman Dr., Youngsville, no violations.

Youngsville Hardware, 730 N. Main St., Youngsville, one violation: multiple water-damaged, -stained and missing ceiling tiles throughout facility sales floor areas – no leaking observed.