Counting to 100

Sometimes a teacher can age overnight, even up to 100 years! Students at Warren Area Elementary Center were visited by two female centenarians recently. One spoke with a southern accent and a broken, raspy voice. The other used a walker to get around the entire day. The two centenarians in disguise were Katie Keeports (kindergarten teacher) and Joanne Curtis (first grade teacher) who wanted to highlight the 100th day of school because children in kindergarten and first grade were celebrating it in numerous ways. Kindergarten teams shared the 100th day lessons. Doing 100 exercises, such as ten jumping jacks, ten toe touches, the students counted to 100. Also counting by tens to 100 was included in a worksheet activity. One activity involved counting 100 fruit loops and stringing them into necklaces. Some classes brought in 100 pennies, along with other items to count. Mrs. Ritzert wore a Zero the Hero costume delighting many students. Counting is an essential skill for kindergarten and first grade, so the celebration of the 100th day of school surely lent itself to fun and educational activities.