Sodomy and sin

Dear editor:

I have been poor and I have been rich and experience tells me the God of the Bible is the one who lifted the United States to be the greatest nation in the world. It is also the God of the Bible who can bring the United States down to nothing should he choose. The United States was once the greatest and wealthiest nation. Now the United States owes 17 trillion dollars in debt.

I read the esteemed religious leader’s views in the newspaper on Feb.11 concerning the sin of Sodomy. I do not condemn the sinner but I do the sin. The Holy Bible has a holy spirit through out the entire Bible which puts fourth God’s opinion on sin.

My constitutional right of free speech gives me the right to call sin what it is and I dare Obama, the Supreme Court, Congress or any body else who swears to up hold the constitution to deny my freedom of speech as long as we have freedom of corporate press.

Newspapers and television openly campaign for any evil thing they can provoke and many newspapers have went broke doing so.God destroyed Sodom for this sin. The United States is on dangerous spiritual ground. And religious leaders need to be warning people not coddling the crowd. People need to know the biblical facts of life. If any news media shoves a microphone under my nose and I’m a Christian I immediately know ICU isn’t there to do me any good. Sin is sin no matter where it comes from and we all sin. That is why I confess every sin I might of done every night. The Bible clearly condemns sin.

As a result of teaching evolution in schools many now say they don’t believe God or the Bible.You had better believe there is a God to intervene if any flesh is to be saved alive it will be because a just God steps in and preserves life.

Obama and Kerry control all foreign policy. Obama it seems knows nothing about insurance, nothing about selling insurance and nothing about health care. Is this what Educational system gave us to vote for?

Yours Truly,

Shannon J. Hannah Sr.