Our opinion: Let’s disc-uss

Try to imagine a development project with the potential of luring visitors and providing recreation for local residents that requires a minimum of investment and very little, if any, disruption of the environment.

In our opinion, that’s what’s being proposed for the City of Warren’s all-but-forgotten park, Washington Park.

It is blessed with an exquisite view of the valley, towering hardwoods and some picnic tables. But, it is served by a decrepit access road and little oversight. Washington Park has earned a reputation as a place where mischief can be done with virtual impunity. Vandalism is always a worry because of its out-of-the-way location.

A Warren resident, Rob Baker, appeared before City Council last week with a proposal for a disc golf course, that would take advantage of the park’s terrain and natural beauty and just a couple of the 65 acres there. He estimates that each of the 18 “holes” would cost only about $400 each to install.

This isn’t a simple game of “Frisbee.” Disc golfers, we’re told, are serious players, as athletic as any golfer who walks or rides along gently sloping and manicured fairways as they attempt to put a dimpled little ball into a cup. There is even a Professional Disc Golf Association.

Scoff if you must, but not so terribly long ago riding a bicycle through the woods, over rocks, up and down steep inclines, and through streams seemed like an odd way to spend an afternoon.

We think Mr. Baker’s suggestion has real merit and should be considered. Not only would it expose more people to the park’s natural beauty, but it could provide the catalyst for other improvements there.