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Selling gayness

Dear editor:

How can we convince people into accepting and approving homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle? Look around and see, hear and read how it is occurring before our very eyes. A full court press is underway to promote gay-related advertising in the least offensive way possible using normal-looking gay people doing normal things so that the public no longer does a double-take at people identified as gays.

Efforts are under way in the movies, on TV and in the social media to make marriages of same-sex couples a visible part of American society. Witness the recent Grammy Awards show. This, in turn, gets the state legislatures to see this public acceptance and pass gay-friendly legislation including but not limited to the legalization of gay marriage. Silence those who oppose homosexual behavior through ridicule, incrimination, and scare tactics including shouting and fiery rhetoric. Along with this make opposition to gayness a crime of hate speech. Finally, portray such people, including believing Christians, as badly out of step with the latest findings of psychology.

From the Age of Aquarius in the late 1960’s when the individual was exalted and self-interest touted by the media, we have now evolved into the Age of Marketing in which the individual is not exalted, but rather manipulated by marketers. The marketers of gay marriage are not selling cars or dishwashers. They are selling an issue, namely the acceptance and approval of their lifestyle as another choice to choose from. Madison Avenue would be proud.

Father John Neff, Pastor

St. Luke Catholic Church, Youngsville

St. Anthony of Padua Church, Sheffield