Beaty Park awaiting weather for completion

Old Man Winter may have stopped work at Beaty Park and it’s possible that spring floods could do the same.

City administration updated the Parks and Recreation Commission on the project last week.

Work started last fall. Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said that the old basketball and tennis court surfaces were dug up and a sub-base as well as base blacktop have been laid.

“(The) fence posts were also installed on both facilities,” he said. “We will be putting the top layers (of blacktop), finishing up the fence (and) also installing the hardware for the basketball courts and tennis nets” in the spring.

Holtz said that a lift has been on the site for a few months but “all of the lighting has been completed.”

He said the lights were cleaned, repointed and new coin boxes have been installed on both the tennis courts and basketball court.

“So, hopefully if the spring hits, Beaty is one of the last parts to dry up so we’ll see when it goes and gets drier we’ll go in and finish that,” Holtz said.

He emphasized that the site will need to be dry because the access road for the construction crews is on Warren County School District property and “we don’t want to go into the school district and tear up the road next to the football field until it is good and solid.”

Total cost for the project is approximately $200,000, according to Holtz.

Improvements to the playground, restrooms and parking area came first to Beaty in 2008.

The skate park was put into action in June 2010.

The most recent project was funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, contributions from the Community Foundation and the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, as well as dollars from the city’s general fund.

When work is done, the park will have three tennis courts and, according to Holtz, a basketball court that has been expended to regulation width.

City Administrator Mary Ann Nau said that once the tennis courts at Beaty are up and running, the Parks and Recreation Commission will have to grapple with a fee structure. Nau said the commission did not act on the fee structure intentionally until the courts were rehabilitated.

She noted that the cost to the school district for use of the tennis courts at Betts Park was doubled in the most recent agreement. She said that she expects citizens will want to utilize the Beaty courts in light of the school district’s heavy use at Betts Park.