Volunteering for Hospice

Think of it as the last great kindness you can offer a person, a person you may not even have been acquainted with until now, a person who is about to pass out of this life.

It is an expression of great compassion, great humanity and selflessness that is played out every day by volunteers around the country and right here in Warren County.

It is Hospice of Warren County, a group of very special people who are dedicated to easing suffering, assuaging grief and giving every person a dignified final journey.

To say hospice volunteers are very special people is an understatement. They help the helpless in ways as simple as holding a hand or providing a shoulder to a grieving relative, and as mundane as preparing a cup of broth or washing dishes.

Volunteers can participate with hospice in a number of ways including office work, monthly bereavement telephone calls and direct contact with patients either at home, at the hospital, at a skilled nursing facility or at the Hospice House.

There are not enough of these people, and you could be one of them.

Hospice of Warren County is looking for a few good souls and has scheduled a training program that runs Wednesdays from 6 to 8:30 p.m. for eight weeks beginning March 12.

It is important work; it is necessary work.

It may be the ultimate act of compassion, and we hope that you will at least think about it.