Our opinion: Big shoes to fill

It could be argued that any government is only as good as the person in charge of keeping tabs on the money.

For the past 10 years, Toby Rohlin has been doing just that for the Warren County Commissioners, and they will be the first to tell you that Rohlin’s work has made their work easier.

The county’s fiscal director acts in a capacity similar to that of a chief financial officer in the private sector. And, in the case of Warren County, that’s no small task. With an annual budget of about $17 million, scores of employees, and a courthouse full of various departments, it’s comparable to a mid-sized business.

Indeed, before Rohlin went to work for the county, he had run several of his own businesses. It’s likely his critical eye on the books was born of his experiences in the private sector.

Rohlin has earned a retirement and has decided to take it, as will his administrative assistant, Carol Nicholson, who has been serving the county well for more than two decades.

The commissioners now must replace that team.

We hope they choose carefully. It may very well represent the most important hire they undertake.

It is vital that taxpayers know their money is being watched carefully, and, it’s vital for the commissioner’s political future that the county coffers remain as free of embarrassing problems as they have during Rohlin’s watch.