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Gun cartoon

Dear editor:

The political cartoon that was printed on Monday, Feb. 3, was very offensive.

I do not believe that I am the only one who wonders why this paper has adopted such a liberal slant.

There are thousands of law-abiding gun owners in this paper’s distribution area. Hunters, sport shooters and those permitted to carry concealed weapons. Thousands of out-of-area hunters come here and spend a lot of money, while in pursuit of game.

Even area gun owners spend a lot of money for products relating to their guns.

The Constitution’s Second Amendment permits gun ownership. The is no mention of the right to own a car. Look how many people are killed by autos each year, yet the cartoonist wants our guns.

The Center for Disease Control doesn’t even list homicides in it’s top fifteen causes of death.

It is time to stop the hyperbole about guns and how bad they are. Why don’t you tell people about the number of home invasions, robberies, attempted rapes and murders are prevented by gun owners that protect themselves and their families? Now is the time to turn away from the liberal path and start viewing live in realistic terms!

Harry Anderson