Panel forwards recommendation to board on secretarial position

Two new positions and a reclassification of a third position were forwarded by the school board’s Personnel/Athletics and Co-Curricular Committee to the full board for action during committee meetings held last week.

The reclassification is a secretarial position at central office.

Director of Administrative Support Services Amy Stewart said that the position will be vacant as the result of a retirement. That position is class “B” and administration has proposed making it a class “A” position.

“‘B’ secretaries don’t work year round,” Stewart said. “This is the only one. In assessing our needs, with all the cuts that have been occurring, make it an “A” position with all the work that needs to be done.”

She said the new position will require additional funding that is accounted for in the budget. No changes would be made to the associated benefit package.

According to documentation prepared by administration documenting the request, the adjusted position will assist with grant support, professional development support, hearing officer support as well as a supplement to transportation department in high volume periods.

“The other two positions there are student driven,” Stewart said. “(We) had some significant needs that have moved into the district that we are having a difficult time meeting.” The positions are both aide positions, one at Beaty-Warren Middle School and the other at Warren Area High School.

The reasoning laid out by administration in documentation prepared for the meeting is similar, citing medical and behavior needs that require constant staff supervision. The documentation also states that “current staff (are) unable to cover additional demands to assure student safety.”