Lots of things happening at WAEC

Students with tree nut allergies and other life threatening allergies have the opportunity to participate in a support group with Matthew Menard, guidance counselor at Warren Area Elementary Center (WAEC). Allergies can prohibit a child’s participation in certain activities and make them feel apart from their peers. A support group for them will not only give them a chance to express their problems dealing with their feelings of isolation, but also find more ways to avoid possible attacks, as well as share ideas on how to cope.

A walking club is starting at WAEC this semester; the students and teachers who are chaperoning the club will begin walking inside the building, but then as the weather becomes more enjoyable, the walking will take place outside. Students will get to keep track of their distances and add it up over time.

Kindergarteners and first graders are learning how to work with Smart Boards. Smart boards not only help with calendar time, but also with many areas, such as word recognition, spelling, and math skills.

A skateboarding assembly delighted the students at WAEC on Jan. 13. Children “oo-ed” and “ah-ed” at the tricks.

There was a Family Night with 21st CCLC parents and children on Jan. 23. Students got to share their photography projects with their parents. In addition, there was a speaker, and then a light dinner for all.