School district reviews policies

A host of Warren County School District policies are being reviewed by the school board’s Curriculum, Instruction and Technology committee.

Three were brought forward last week with changes after an administrative review.

Changes to the student study abroad policy would allow principals to review the work done by a student while abroad and then assign appropriate credits.

While there was concern about how such a procedure would be monitored, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Weber said that a building “principal typically reviews credits for students coming from outside schools,” making them an appropriate source for the review.

The last line of the revised policy indicates that “Students who are abroad will not be regarded as students of the District during the year they are abroad.” Board member Tom Knapp asked what effect that would have on class rank. Weber said that the credits would be accepted for inclusion on a student’s transcript but “would not count for rank or GPA.”

Revisions were also made to the adult education policy. Weber said that the changes would “remove adult students in Warren County School District programs. (The) committee could not find an appropriate (situation) where we felt this would occur.”

The portion proposed to be struck refers to principals being authorized to approve the enrollment of adults 21 or older in WCSD programs, including the Warren County Career Center.

Committee Chair Jack Werner asked if anyone might lose opportunities as a result of the change.

Weber said no one would as the district typically works with the Warren-Forest Hi-Ed Council with adult students. “With the resources we have available, (we) do not think that (keeping existing policy) would be a necessity,” he said.

The policy that drew the most discussion focuses on physical education credit substitution procedures.

Current policy requires that the substitution, such as a sport, cheerleading, or marching band, must be requested prior to participation.

Weber said that administration will be working with the physical education department to develop a procedure for the substitution process.

“Do we actually award credit for that substituted class,” Board President Arthur Stewart said. “I thought we weren’t awarding credit.”

“We do award credit because it is part of the mandatory number of credits required to graduate,” Weber said.

Supervisor of District-Wide Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities Phil Knapp said that students would “have to claim the substitution before playing a sport. That’s the part of the procedure we need to look at.

“Students may only substitute once PE class per year,” Board member Tom Knapp said. “Why?”

Weber said students are limited at one per year “because a lot of kids play multiple sports.”

Additionally, 14 policies were forwarded to the whole board for action without proposed revisions.

The policies will be presented to the board at the February meeting for action on the first of two readings.