Water Problems Persist

A fire may be the worst thing to befall a bookstore, but a flood is a close second.

And that’s exactly what Shannon and Michael Yahn, the owners of Authors Books & Music found Saturday morning when they went to open their store on Liberty Street where they’ve been doing business for the last four years.

“We’re definitely not going out of business,” Michael said. “We’re going to re-evaluate and remodel. We’ll be back bigger and better.”

A frozen pipe broke sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning sending water shooting from the ceiling, ruining books and leaving nearly three inches of water on the floor.

Condensation had formed on their windows, and “I thought this is strange,” Shannon said. “It was probably three, four inches, just spraying down.”

The Yahns called the City of Warren Fire Department and within a couple minutes crews had shut the water and power off and began to cover books with tarps in the store. It took about another 20 minutes for the water to stop flowing.

“We have the entrepreneurial spirit and we just forge ahead,” Shannon said. “The fire department was excellent. Main Street has been so helpful and so generous. Everyone that we have had contact with has just been so wonderful to us and I can’t say enough about our fire department.”

“It could’ve been a lot worse if they hadn’t been here,” Michael said.

They were able to save many books, but the cook books are gone.

“We’ve got everything stored next door where it’s nice and dry we’re just going to see where were at,” he said.

Michael said they will open up in the same location, hopefully within the next two weeks, and they plan on expanding the store all the way to the back of the building during the renovation.

“As far as the books that were lost, we are good at finding books, we’ve been doing it for 20 years,” she said. “We can do it again and we have a whole roomful over there. There’s a few sections that got hit really bad but we’ll restock, it’s not a problem. Mainly, I can’t even say how helpful everybody has been. I just say thank you, thank you, thank you.”