Water Problems Persist

Earlier this month, the Times Observer and Youngsville Elementary Middle School dealt with flooding issues.

Friday was the Warren County Courthouse’s turn.

A sprinkler malfunction in the basement in a storage room at the Adult Probation office early Friday morning sent water running the length of the hall, leaving quite a mess to clean up.

Warren County Commissioner Stephen Vanco said that someone called maintenance at 6:30 a.m., at which time water was pooled by Courtroom B near the other end of the hall.

Vanco said that water was turned off to the entire building due to complications regarding isolation of the leak. As of 10 a.m. Friday, water had been restored to the bathrooms, according to Vanco.

As for damage, various records throughout the basement that were stored on the floor are wet and the baseboard is being removed from all rooms that were flooded to try to limit moisture in the walls.

Vanco also said there was some damage in the phone room and that outside phone lies were down for a while but have since been restored. County IT manager Bill Gallagher, with Insight Technologies, said that a small power supply in the phone room was damaged but that all other electronics emerged unscathed.

Vanco speculated that the platform for the front doors to the courthouse sit above the storage room, making the storage room quite cold. That could have been a contributing factor in the malfunction.

“(The) best part is that it is going to be over the weekend,” said Vanco. “(There) is still a lot of work to dry.”

Inmates from the Warren County Jail were assisting with the work Friday morning.

No one is sure how long the water was running but Vanco said it “must have been running for a while.”

County Maintenance Director Ron Farnham estimated the length of time the water ran “with the amount of water, a few hours.”