Union busting

Dear editor:

It’s elementary. Call it the way it should be. Unions in the public sector need to be busted. Why? It’s un-American. They are the only store in town. The taxpayer can not go elsewhere to obtain the required services but must buy (pay for ) from the company store (the government shop); thus there is no competition which is anti-capitalistic.

The result: overpriced services with performances leaving much to be desired. Most egregious in example: U.S. public education, city of Warren, PA., police and fire causing a 30 percent tax hike.

These high-priced (way over compensated for the level of responsibility carried) bureaucrats who have behaved toward one in any way found disagreeable truly do not know what they have done because they are living out of their separateness (in a different world) from the very ones who are supposed to be served, representing themselves, not the “people”.

The “distant government” employee has a built in conditioning process honed from years of insulated protection from the challenges of the economy. In turn makes them different in character: “liberal”, with a sense of arrogance and even hatred for the “masses”. Their protection is so great in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court will not uphold civil action on grounds of reckless negligence.

Whose fault? The elected governing bodies whose lie of silence is remiss and immoral. If you choose not to respect your sense of justice, you choose not to respect yourself, losing the respect of others which explains “elected” assessment to be that of whale dung – about as low as one can get.

Remember, the measure of a man is not what one accumulates, but in what one gives away. Government of today is a greedy tiger not contained, but on the loose in open space, because there exists no space between the bars because there are no bars (of accountability).

To cage, or not to cage?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson


citizen advocate