District releases ‘14-’15 calendar

The proposed calendar for the 2014-2015 school year in the Warren County School District has been released, and the draft form contains some ambiguity at the conclusion of the school year.

“The calendar very much mirrors last year with one added bonus,” said Director of Administrative Support Services Amy Stewart during school board committee meetings on Monday. “The way the Christmas and New Year holiday fell, (we were) able to sneak in the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.”

The proposed calendar, fowarded to the entire school board for action by the Personnel/Athletics & Co-Curricular Committee, includes 177 days for students as well as three additional professional development days to get to the state-mandated number of 180. Three other professional development days are built into the schedule, in addition to four energy days, the days utilized as make-up days for days canceled due to weather. The four energy days are Feb. 16, March 9, June 10 and April 2, and will be utilized in that order.

Stewart said that the energy day in June, which could potentially push back the last day of school for students from June 9 to June 10, is “a little unconventional. (The) energy day at the end kind of leaves an openness to the end of school.”

She explained that one suggestion she received from a group of teachers is to use that energy day as the first in the event of a cancellation “so it would lock in the last day of the school.”

“(I) do not recall a year we have not used at least one energy day,” she said.

“(The) downside to that is if we lost that February date, it is gone. If we need all four energy days, (we) lose one because we pass it by,” said Board Vice President Donna Zariczny.

Superintendent Dr. William Clark suggested the June date could be the second energy day used after the February date.

“We have been in a series of winters where we haven’t gotten ourselves in a pinch,” said Stewart.

With the right kind of storms, she said, “(We) could be sitting there guessing when the last day of school is.”

Changes to address that concern will be made prior to the calendar’s approval, which will likely occur at the February board meeting.