Sex offender’s court date has complications

The sentencing of a Warren man charged with sex crimes against two minors was complicated on Friday by his on-again-off-again representation by legal counsel.

Kristopher Lloyd Roberts, 213 East Fifth Avenue, Warren appeared in sentence court Friday morning without counsel. Since he was facing serious sex offender penalties, Judge Maureen Skerda instructed him to consult with public defender Alan Conn before sentencing.

Conn said that he had been released from defending Roberts, because, “His mother disagreed with my counsel and wanted private counsel,” although another lawyer was never retained. After Roberts agreed to Conn representing him, the sentencing continued.

District Attorney Rob Greene said, “He is a child rapist. The previous administration in the district attorney’s office gave him a tremendous… a huge, huge bargain,” regarding a plea bargain.

“He absolutely deserves the maximum sentence, consecutive not concurrent, in a state penitentiary.”

Charges of felony rape, felony sexual assault, two counts of felony aggravated indecent assault, two counts of felony unlawful contact or communication with a minor, indecent assault, felony corruption of minors and indecent assault were not prosecuted.

Roberts was sentenced for one count of felony corruption of minors and one count of felony statutory sexual assault. Two minors were involved.

Skerda noted that on January 8, Roberts and another individual were involved in a disturbance within the Warren County Jail that resulted in a five-day lockdown for him, and he admitted that he was already serving a seven-month to two-year sentence on corruption of minors, simple assault and possession charges.

The judge then sentenced him to 14 months to 28 months in a state corrrectional institute with 3 years probation on the corruption charge, and a consecutive 9 month to 18 months on the indecent assault charge for a total of 23 to 46 months, which is to run consecutively to his current confinement, with credit for time served.

He was also sentenced to pay fines and fees totaling $4,925 and have no contact with the victims. Skerda instructed him to submit to DNA testing, to register with the state police under Megan’s Law for 15 years, and to undergo sexual offenders’ counseling while incarcerated.