Union Busting

Dear editor:

House Bill 1507, as it has been described in the recent Thursday article, seems harmless to most unions. It would only impact taxpayer dollars used for collecting dues and political purposes, and because of this, only appears to affect “public” unions (such as teachers, firefighters, and others whom receive taxed income as their wage.) This makes sense in a democracy, namely because taxes are collected without regard to political affiliation. However, it also underscores a deeper issue – that of some members of the republican party, and their irrational hate towards organized labor.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with unions, public or not, having a voice in politics. Large corporations, who often have vested interests…mostly in profit regardless of casualties…use money earned from their products to support their political interest. Those who purchase a product do not always agree with the political leanings of the corporation who produced it. In all fairness, if we are to remove the right of certain organizations from spending money that they earned fairly and reasonably for political reasons, then we must hold corporations and other forms of organization to the same standards. Unless of course we are attempting to discriminate against certain groups.

Jacob Mickelson,