Help during emergency

Dear editor:

During the frigid temps of the recent Polar Vortex, the Golden Living Center-Kinzua, on Water St. also had its challenges with frozen pipes and sprinkler issues. It was impressive to witness our staff reacting quickly, appropriately and with confidence. i am writing because I was left speechless by the outpouring of support and assistance that we received-often without being asked-and always without hesitation.

I would like to thank the following for their support and assistance: William T. Spaeder Corporation, Mike Curtis of Curtis Contacting Services, Howes’s True Value, Crone’s Pharmacy, Dave White Excavating and yes, even one of our competitors, Warren Manor, offered manpower and assistance. Of course, I need to acknowledge the patience and understanding of our residents and their families as we cleaned up and got back up on our feet.

Our staff was incredible during this exercise, upbeat and positive throughout the event, many wanted to come to work early, or volunteered to stay late-all in an effort to make certain that their patients, your family and friends, continued to receive stellar care and treatment without any decline in quality of care. They exhibited outstanding performance in a challenging environment.

It certainly feels good to know that the love and support of the community is behind us, and that as we help Warren, Warren was prepared to help us. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all who helped us to rise above this challenge.


Paul M. Cain NHA, Executive Director

Golden Living Center-Kinzua