Andrew William Pimlott died peacefully at home on December 30, 2013 in San Francisco, CA in the presence of his beloved wife Susan Kim, his mother, Anne L. Rassiga M.D., of Warren, PA and his brother, Christopher, of Chicago, IL. He was a 2year survivor of hepatobilliary cancer. He was 38 years old.

Andrew was born in Cleveland, OH on May 6, 1975 the son of Charles H. Pimlott, Jr. Watertown, MA and Anne Rassiga. He is predeceased by his paternal grandparents Charles and Martha Pimlott of Lyndhurst, OH and maternal grandparents CMDR USNR William and Edna Rassiga of Long Beach, NY.

Andrew graduated from Ruffing Montessori, Cleveland Heights, OH and University School, Hunting Valley, OH. He was an Eagle Scout, a natural athlete and a gifted scholar with a special interest in computer programming and mathematics. His passion for distance running landed him many honors, including Cross Country MVP at University School and Top 30 at State Championships. In 1998 he graduated from Harvard College with an AB in mathematics.

Andrew was noted for his intelligence, sensitivity, kindness, athletic prowess, curiosity, good nature, humility, inner drive, focus, generosity, culinary ability, loyal friendship and most of all, love. Andrew demonstrated how to live fully, joyfully, and passionately, and with creativity, playfulness and a refreshing touch of goofiness, and continued to live fully throughout the challenges of his illness.

Andrew’s life was made complete by his recent marriage to Susan Kim, the love of his life. They enjoyed a 4 year joyful partnership and were widely known by their trademark moniker “KimPim.”

Professionally, Andrew’s colleagues describe him as a “rare and gifted” software engineer. As Chief Technical Officer of Spartan Software Inc., he designed and built a sophisticated platform for sharing and searching language data, a system currently used by companies such as Oracle and eBay. Previously, he served as cofounder of NexPlan, a consulting engineer for the US Naval Research Laboratory Marine Meteorology Division and a founding engineer at Idiom Technologies, one of the pioneers of internet localization. He presented technical papers in the US, Japan, Ireland and Poland. He delighted in creating elegant solutions to difficult problems using esoteric and little used computer languages, often just for fun, but always remarkably ingenious.

An avid and curious cook, Andrew took several sabbaticals from the tech world to work in professional kitchens, most notably as “Pasta King” at Quince restaurant in San Francisco. He was generous with his culinary knowledge, sharing his pasta innovations and cooking tips with professional and lay chefs in kitchen demonstrations as well as community cooking classes at 18 Reasons in the Mission District of San Francisco. Many top pasta chefs in the Bay Area adopted his innovations and trace their pasta lineage to him.

He was noted for several trademark dishes including oatmeal, exotic and creative pizza, granola (briefly sold at Umamimart), “yearold” eggnog, pancakes, nettle pasta and campfire waffles.

Susan’s career as a professional chef fit perfectly with Andrew’s passion for cooking. KimPim was an unstoppable collaboration in love, life and the kitchen. Their culinary prowess, generosity, and dogged pursuit of all that is (mostly) organic, local, and healthy, and always yummy, resulted in culinary magic and remarkable meals shared with a wide circle of extraordinary and lucky friends at their home “Chez KimPim”.

Andrew was an avid runner, cyclist, triathlete, and skier. As a member of TriGang in San Francisco, he both participated in, and organized, teams for marathons, triathlons, and weekendlong distance coastal relays. Although most were fun races, he consistently placed well in his occasional competitive races. He was noted for supporting his friends and teammates with enthusiasm, often, seemingly effortlessly, running or biking a second lap to pace them. A “Pimsanity” relay was run in his honor by his team mates! Andrew happily ran and biked vigorously around San Francisco with a stuffed and open backpack, wearing shorts and Birkenstocks all year round, rather than driving, walking or using the Bart!

He enjoyed traveling and with friends or family had visited Hawaii, Australia, the Alps, England, Ireland, Europe and many parts of America. He also hiked and camped in many national parks in California. Susan joined his recent travels.

In addition to his beloved wife Susan Kim, brother, and parents, Andrew is survived by halfsister Kathleen (Kathy) Pimlott of Cambridge, MA and her three children, halfbrother Charles (Chip) Pimlott and his wife Pauline of Watertown, MA and their three children, aunts Shirley Jay of Mayfield Heights, OH and Dr. Eve Rassiga and her husband Dr. Norman Ephraim of Lincoln, MA and cousins John Jay, Linda Jay Partridge and Robert Jay and their families, and Arelai Ephraim.

Andrew contributed to medical science during his illness by consenting to a full genome sequencing of his tumor by Mayo Clinic and Translational Genomics in Phoenix, AZ. This revealed 5 significant and unexpected driver mutations allowing a trial of experimental personalized medical treatment; cuttingedge science that will help provide cancer physicians with new insights into tumor growth.

A memorial celebrating Andrew’s life was held at 18 Reasons on January 4, 2014, coordinated by Susan and their talented San Francisco community of friends. A memorial with his ashes was held at Lands End in San Francisco on Jan 8, 2014.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Andrew Pimlott Memorial Fund c/o Susan Kim or PayPal, The Cancer Center at Warren General Hospital, Warren PA where his mother is Director of Medical Oncology and Hematology, to any of the schools he has attended or to a charity of one’s choice.