Internship providing city with some short-term help

The City of Warren is going to be getting some free help over the next few months.

City Manager Nancy Freenock announced during Monday’s city council meeting that Gregory Wilson will be completing a 14-week internship with the city.

Freenock said that Wilson, who serves on Sugar Grove Borough Council, is a candidate for a Masters in Public Administration from Penn State University and already has projects “with which to keep himself busy.”

Among those is developing a list of vacant properties throughout the city, both residential and commercial, as well as examining potential improvements to the city’s recycling and trash-collecting procedures.

The state Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) arranged the internship on his behalf, said Wilson.

Wilson told council that the internship will wrap up his graduate work and that he is hopeful that he and the city can “both learn from each other.” Speaking of his graduate work, Wilson said the focus has been more on practice instead of theory and that he is “hoping to be able to see first-hand what happens in a larger municipality.”

“(It) will be nice to spend time here and there (throughout the city),” he said. “(I am) very anxious to be able to bring some of the things I have learned to help our county.”