Our opinion:?Saying goodbye to Dave

His was the most recognized voice in Warren County and beyond, as far as the signal for WNAE-WRRN reached.

But, Dave Whipple, the host of the morning show on that radio station, was so much more than a voice, more than a “radio personality.”

The deep, somewhat gravely voice that kept the day’s beginnings upbeat belonged to a man whose eyes twinkled and whose arms were always ready to wrap around someone who was troubled. It’s not the image many people have of broadcast “anchors,” whose countenance is carefully groomed for successful marketing.

There was little difference between the Dave Whipple when the microphone was switched on and the Dave Whipple who greeted you on the street with a huge grin under that huge mustache.

His voice went silent early Monday morning, the culmination of a long and heroic battle with cancer. Through it all, Dave never let it interfere with what was important to him: his family, his community, and especially his community’s children.

You see, while Whipple’s audible voice has gone silent, it still echoes in the hearts and minds of countless children he counseled, comforted, championed and instilled with values that would carry them through the rest of their lives. The audible voice may have died, but the big man’s influence will live on for generations to come as those children pass on those values, those life lessons, that Whipple shared so freely and so happily.

Throughout Warren and spread across several states are people who are richer for having crossed paths with Dave Whipple.

We will all miss Dave, those of us who only knew the voice, and the incredibly fortunate among us who knew the man.