Canterbury issue still busies bd.

A number of issues at Canterbury Court continue to be a focus of discussion for theWarren County Housing Authority’s board of directors.

Work on refinancing on the property’s mortgage continues, Authority Executive Director Tonya Mitchell-Weston reported at the board’s meeting Tuesday afternoon.

After approximately a year of efforts, she said the process should be complete after two more meetings.

Meanwhile, the authority’s appeal of the tax exempt status of the property continues, but Mitchell-Weston reported no recent activity.

The county currently does not grant the property tax exempt status and property taxes on the site are approximately $90,000 per year.

The board of Canterbury Court met and agreed to meet every other month, Mitchell-Weston reported.

“I don’t think there’s an interest in meeting often,” she noted.

Board Chair Mike Lewis suggested offering to take over the property, rather than just manage it as the authority has been doing.

Canterbury Court was originally a housing project backed by Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church. The church retained ownership of the property, and instituted a property board, but the housing authority has acted as manager.

Board members passed a motion to investigate the possibility of assuming ownership from the church.

If the authority were to assume ownership, the site would fall under the authority’s tax-exempt status.