Scarpo returning to press anti-bullying message

Warren Area High School alumnus Brent Scarpo, who is a nationally known transformational speaker, will return to Warren to present two school assemblies, smaller classroom discussions, a teacher workshop, a Parent Night presentation and speak at Rotary Club on Feb. 18-20.

The topic of his presentations will focus on anti-bullying, entitled “Why Do You Hate Me?”

Scarpo has over 20 years of experience as an educator, producer, writer, director, and casting director in Hollywood. He has worked on such films as “The Shawshank Redemption”, “That Thing You Do”, “Air Force One” and “Matilda” and has appeared on national television a number of times.

Scarpo said he has dedicated his life towards erasing hate, violence and bullying in the world and specifically in schools. It began in 1999 when he produced the award-winning educational documentary, “Journey to a Hate Free Millennium”.

Scarpo said he was approached by Frostburg State University Vice President Dr. Tom Bowling in 2006 to develop a program for the freshmen class of the college that would address bullying on campus. “Why Do You Hate Me?” was the program.

He said, “‘The Why Do You Hate Me?’ program addresses the issue of why we hate and/or bully each other but even more important it answers the core issue of why do we hate ourselves.”

After 15 years of research in the field of bullying, Scarpo said he was asked by an audience member the following question, “Why do bullies do what they do?”

Scarpo said he replied, “The bully is trying to answer a question for his or herself.” The audience member asked what was the question, and Scarpo replied, “The bully is trying to answer the question, What is it that I love so little about myself that I feel a need to hurt another human being and/or myself.”

Scarpo said the “Why Do You Hate Me?” program allows audience members to ponder such questions, while providing educational enlightenment of how we can stop bullying and most importantly discontinue self-sabotage.