Sports Briefly: 01/21/14

Varsity slate

Here is the varsity slate of action for county teams for Tuesday, Jan. 21, through Saturday, Jan. 26:


Boys Basketball: Warren at Corry, 6 p.m.

Eisenhower at Saegertown, 6 p.m.

Sheffield at Johnsonburg, 6 p.m.

WCCS at CCSI, 7:30 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Johnsonburg at Sheffield, 6 p.m.

Maplewood at Youngsville, 6 p.m.

WCCS at CCSI, 6 p.m.


Boys Basketball: Youngsville at Otto-Eldred, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: McDowell B at TCCS, 6 p.m.

Wrestling: Strong Vincent at Warren, 6 p.m.

Saegertown at Eisenhower, 6 p.m.

Cameron County at Sheffield, 7 p.m.

Iroquois at Youngsville, 6 p.m.


Boys Basketball: Fort LeBoeuf at Warren, 6 p.m.

Titusville at Eisenhower, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Warren at Harbor Creek, 6 p.m.

Eisenhower at Conneaut, 6 p.m.

Swimming: Warren at McDowell, 6 p.m.


Boys Basketball: Sheffield at Kane, 6 p.m.

Maplewood at Youngsville, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Kane at Sheffield, 6 p.m.

Wrestling: Youngsville at Saegertown, 6 p.m.

Warren, Eisenhower at Fred Bell Tournament, Grove City High School


Boys Basketball: Warren at Cathedral Prep, Erie Civic Center, 2:30 p.m.

Eisenhower at Rocky Grove, 1 p.m.

Youngsville at Conneaut, 7:30 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Youngsville at Conneaut, 6 p.m.

Wrestling: Warren, Eisenhower at Fred Bell Tournament, Grove City High School

Area bowling

The Warren Womens’ Bowling Association recently held a bowling tournament at all three local bowling houses to benefit veterans of Warren County.

The tournament was held the week of Nov. 10-16, open to all women and men bowlers in Warren County. Donations were collected and a check was sent to Ed Burris from the Warren County Veterans Affairs. Each bowling center had a male and a female winner.

At Riverside Lanes in Warren, the winners were Barbara Leichtenberger with a 725 series and Ray Ruzich with a 788 series. At Valley Bowling Center in Youngsville the winners were Candy Vinopal with a 709 series and Willis Koren with a 732 series. At Bowlaway Lanes in Sheffield, the winners were Hazel Grimm with a 700 series and Mike Madigan with a 661 series.

The Warren Women’s Bowling Association is sponsoring a bowling tournament Feb. 9 at Riverside Lanes to benefit the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. The tournament is for men, women and children who do not have to be sanctioned to bowl. For information, contact any bowling center for entry forms and/or questions.


The Rocky Grove at Youngsville boys basketball games, rescheduled from Jan. 30 to Feb. 12, have now been rescheduled again to Thursday, Feb. 13, at Youngsville High School.

Winter trap

The Penn York Winter Trap League met at the Pine Grove Sportsmens Club this week and there were 152 shooters in attendance. Sugar Grove was the winning team, followed by Busti.

Mike Ziegler (42) was the high sub junior, Andrew Hvizdzak (49) was the high junior and Cindy Cable (46) was the high lady. Bob Faga (48) was the high vet, Dick Starks (49) the high senior vet and Tom Jones (46) was the high super senior vet.

Next week’s shoot is at the Randolph Rod and Gun Club.

Sugar Grove (329): Colton Black 48, Ethan Black 48, Scott Currie 48, Gary Casler 47, Paul Keppel 46, Jon Shelton 46, Charlie Brown 46

Busti (328): Dick Starks 49, Jim Bessey 48, Kirk Decker 48, Dave Straight 47, Hod Edgreen 46, Tiffany Decker 45, Jim Kestler 45

Kalbfus (326): John Pearson 49, Michael McDunn 48, Brady Carl 47, Jim Nowacki 46, Chuck Travis 46, Otto Carl 46, Jack Kostkas 44

Brokenstraw (324): Jason Gustafson 48, Dale Johnson 48, Robbin Weaver 48, Shawn Garris 46, Jerry Cressley 45, Terry Walker 45, Ron Gustafson 44

Pine Grove (324): Bob Faga 48, Eric Cecco 47, William Gross 47, Rick Giannini 47, Dean Spiridon Sr 46, Russ Wingard 45, Greg Nagurney 44

Randolph (322): Andrew Hvizdzak 49, Derek Rumsey 48, Kim Milford 47, Rob Simcick 45, Jacob Grimm 45, Rex Slocum 45, Bill Congdon 43

Kane (313): Joe Leichtenberger 49, Tom Jones 46, Dick Delhunty 45, Ricky Grundstrom 44, Glenn Smith 44, Bob Dixon 43, Rich Pierson 42

Carroll (310): Marty Nelson 48, Bob Bailey Jr 46, Rick Rusiniak 45, John Foster 44, Paul Prentice 43, Dakota Peterson 42, Matt Delong 42

Celoron (308): Vern Brown 46, Dave Kingsley 45, Gary Johnson 44, Phil Strand 44, Mike Johnson 43, Tom Tutmaher 43, Stephanie Tutmaher 43