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Dear editor:

One would think, that on fair days, PennDOT would patch a few holes in the roads.

Garland is getting bad. Warren’s PennDOT must have sent too much money back to Harrisburg, or too soon to get the big tax increase working.

Oh, sorry, forgot? Harrisburg gets it anyway!

Have a good day,

Bill Jewell,


School spending

Dear editor:

The well has run dry!

At least for senior citizens on fixed incomes and a lot of other Warren County folks.

The Warren Times Observer reported on Friday, Jan. 17, that the School District could possible raise millage rates by 3 percent, or more. Where are we going to get this much? Guess that means we won’t be able to get as many groceries or pay for our medicines. I have a couple of shirts left – do you want those too?

It’s time for the School District to tighten their belts – and I mean really tighten them – and see what it’s like to get by on a limited income. With lower student counts (down 25 percent in 10 years) and school closings, the District surely can find many areas in which they could decrease costs.

More than $1 million in salary increases; 25% increase in the district’s state retirement contribution; and an increase in health care costs – and you expect the general public to pay for all of this by increasing taxes?

Well, I for one, say “Enough is enough” – the well has run dry! Bring on the referendum.

Sandy Jamieson

An upset & worried senior citizen