Historical Society cards

Dear editor:

This is a letter of thanks!

The Warren County Historical Society’s fund raiser of playing cards with local historical scenes was a great success due to the efforts of many. I want to thank board member Debbie Fitzsimmons for bringing the idea to the board. Stephanie Scutella for all the phone calls and follow ups to get sponsors in place.

I must also thank each of those sponsors and hope you visit their place of business and also to those individuals who sponsored a card. Thanks to Debbie and Cindy DeChano for searching the archives for the pictures used. Thanks to the Managing Director of the Society, Michelle Gray and her staff of Lucy, Casey and Jude at headquarters. Thanks also Allegheny Bean for handling the printing of the cards.

The Times Observer for the front page article which was great publicity. We especially want to thank everyone who purchased a deck of cards. The board originally thought that 500 decks would be a good target, but we went with 1000 decks and because of the response from the public we sold out in short order.

More decks have been ordered, so if you did not get them before Christmas, watch for an announcement when the new decks arrive. Again thanks for the overwhelming community support.

Respectfully submitted

E. Keith Oviatt, President W.C.H.S.