Sheep club has meeting

On Dec. 9, the Shamrock Sheep Club held its 4-H meeting at Lander United Methodist Church. Cody McMillen called the meeting to order. Lindsey McMillen started the 4-H pledge and read minutes of the November meeting. The treasurer’s report was given by leader Dale McMillen. All members were present. They wrote thank you cards to the past buyers of the livestock sale then watched a video on tail docking and how to do it properly. Dale taught those attending how to do everyday simple notes on a piece of rope. Members went over rabies and how to tell if an animal has them.

They also put together 20 goodie bags for local shut ins in the area and had their annual Christmas party.

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 13 at 6:30 p.m. Meeting was adjourned by Lindsey McMillen.