Auditor quits; County seeks replacement

Wanted: Warren County Auditor.

Earlier this month, the Times Observer reported that Warren County Auditor Nikita Rugg, elected in 2011, had not been to work in three months, placing an additional workload on the other two auditors.

According to a legal notice in Monday’s Times Observer, Rugg has since resigned.

“By virtue of the resignation of Nikita Rugg, a vacancy exists in the office of Warren County Auditor,” according to the notice. “This vacancy will be filled by the Court of Common Pleas by the appointment of an elector who voted for the auditor for the term expiring January, 2016 and is a Warren County resident.”

Those interested in applying for the position must submit a resume and a confirmation that they voted in the 2011 election to Judges Chambers at the courthouse by Jan. 23.

While the notice reads in such a way that one might be required to have voted for Rugg in 2011 in order to be eligible, Warren County Director of Elections Lisa Zuck said that is not the case.

To provide confirmation, Zuck said she can look in the voter registrar system and pull the book that one would have signed when they went to the polls to vote. “You would have had to have voted in that election that that person was elected in. That would be fall 2011. There is no way to say if (someone) voted for the auditor,” specifically, she said.

Court Administrator Linda Critzer said that there is no timeline in the statute regarding how promptly the position must be filled but did note that it would be “prudent” to fill it as soon as possible. She said party affiliation does not play a role in this appointment.