Our opinion: Thanks for the help

One of the reasons The Times Observer was able to publish an edition on Friday was the quick response and quick, professional action by the Warren City Fire Department.

When it began raining inside the office just after noon on Thursday, it was only a matter of minutes before the shower became a cloud burst without the cloud. The extreme temperatures during the week had frozen and weakened regular water lines and sprinkler system lines in our attic causing both to burst simultaneously.

At about 60 pounds per square inch of pressure, water quickly inundated the second floor and proceeded in a cascade down two staircases and through the ceiling in our front office. Our building wasn’t on fire, but it was flooding from above.

The city fire department responded with a crew on Truck 2 and went immediately to work tracking down the source of the water, shutting down electrical circuits and making sure everyone inside the building was safe.

They didn’t leave until the water was shut off and they were sure there was no danger of electrical shock.

All that was left were the soggy walls, carpets, light fixtures and the mess.

Oh, what a mess.

But, without the assistance of those firemen, the mess would have been much worse and the possibility of danger to our employees much greater.

It will be some time before everything gets back to normal in the building that has served as a newspaper office for 90 years, but it will.

It is with these thoughts in mind that we offer our thanks to the dedicated men who manned Truck 2 on Thursday.