County planners support waivers

Two waivers one regarding minimum lot size and another regarding road frontage were approved by the Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday.

The first was a road frontage waiver request regarding the Mitchell A. Passinger property on Priest Hollow Road in Pine Grove Township.

County Planning Director Dan Glotz said that the family would like to subdivide a portion of the 41-acre parcel that contains a house, garage and wooden pavilion. He said the proposed subdivision would maintain 133 feet of road frontage, short of the 150 required by the subdivision ordinance for newly created parcels with on-lot water and on-lot sewer.

Approximately two acres were proposed for the new parcel. While it would have been possible to draw the property lines in a way to maintain road frontage requirements, the property is part of Clean and Green, a state program that bases property taxes on use value rather than fair market values, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website.

According to the regulations, “No more than two acres may be split-off per year except if the municipality requires a minimum three-acre subdivision to construct the residence.”

The commission approved the waiver unanimously.

A lot size waiver request in Conewango Township was also presented to the commission.

Glotz, who presented for the owner, Larry Anderson, who was unable to attend the meeting, said that Anderson owns a property between School and Vine streets in North Warren that is currently utilized as a rental property. “What he would like to do, (Anderson) has two rental units. One is a mobile home on School Street,” said Glotz. The other is a traditional house that fronts on Vine Street.

Anderson “wants to separate the two of those for rental purposes,” said Glotz. The result would be two lots that fail to meet the minimum lot size of 7,500 square feet as required by the ordinance. He said that the neighborhood has many small lots that were laid out decades ago, adding that Anderson argued that this change “is not really altering the character of the neighborhood.”

The commission unanimously approved this waiver as well.

Additionally, a revision to a major subdivision on North Ridge in Conewango Township was approved. Glotz said the developer wanted to adjust “some lot lines which probably make better sense based on the topography up there.” He said the total number of lots would not change.