Supervisors advised to think safety first

Last August, a disgruntled municipal resident went into a township meeting in southeastern Pennsylvania and opened fire, killing two residents and a township employee.

Warren County Public Safety Director Todd Lake doesn’t want a similar tragic scenario playing out here.

During a meeting of the Warren County Council of Governments last Wednesday at the 911 Center in Youngsville, Lake informed the COG that the last emergency management coordinator training had an active shooter component.

“One of the last shootings was at a municipal building in Pennsylvania,” Lake said. “He (the shooter) went in there with a rifle and started shooting.

“The municipality is now, because of what happened there, building a (new) municipal building,” he added.

He then challenged local officials to respond appropriately.

“What I implore you to do is look at where you are sitting at your meetings,” he said. “You don’t know when someone is going to be upset.”

The individual who was responsible for the shooting at Ross Township in Monroe County was reportedly disgruntled because the municipality had asked that he clean up his property.

He encouraged municipal officials to develop “an escape route, if you can, to protect yourselves.”

In the wake of the shooting, the Pleasant Township supervisors voted in October to begin having a Pennsylvania State Constable attend their meetings.

“We decided that for (Secretary/Treasurer) Lea Ann’s (Adams) security, our security, we should have a constable or somebody here,” Township Supervisor Ron Hultman said during the Oct. 8 meeting of the supervisors. “If someone comes in with a gun, we’re going to have (law enforcement.) It scares me. We’re going to have a constable here every meeting.”