COG wants to hear from WCVB

While the Warren County Commissioners’ attempt to strip the Warren County Visitors Bureau of the tourist promotion agency designation failed, the Warren County Council of Governments wants to try to hold it accountable.

“I think it may be in our best interest to hear from the Visitors Bureau on the progress they are making,” said Clarendon Borough Councilman Paul Pascuzzi during a COG meeting last Wednesday, noting that the majority of municipalities supported the WCVB in the commissioners’ attempt to denote the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry as the county’s TPA and give it the corresponding Hotel Occupancy Tax funding.

He asked the COG if the WCVB should be included on the group’s agenda.

“If they don’t come to our meetings, we can’t hold them accountable,” he said. “We supported them. Now we need to hear from them, I suspect, to make good on what they said they were going to do.”

“We had Mr. (Commissioner John) Eggleston and three people from the WCVB (at a meeting) and we weren’t happy with either one,” said Glade Township Supervisor Dave Sedon.

“They (WCVB) have a poor presentation in my opinion,” said Glade Township Supervisor Joe Scully.

“I would like to hear what the Visitors Bureau is going to do with the bed tax money to support tourism in Warren County,” added Pascuzzi.

Mead Township Supervisor Dave Wholeben said, “Let’s put them on (the agenda) and see how often they come.”

Pascuzzi suggested that if the commissioners were to attempt a similar move in the future, the municipalities may be more willing to work with them if the WCVB does not provide updates at COG meetings.

“They need to send a representative,” he said. “We need them to come.”