Prenatal fitness class offered at Warren YMCA

Starting in January 2014, the Warren County YMCA will offer a one hour prenatal fitness class held on Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. This class is designed to meet the specific needs of the changing pregnant woman’s body while maximizing safety and effectiveness. The class will focus on stability, resistance and flexibility exercises that are designed to counteract a woman’s changing center of gravity, promote good posture, and to help prevent the back pain that many pregnant women experience. Participants will learn how to make modification to the exercises performed in class as their pregnancies progress. Personalized exercise programs that can be used outside of class throughout their pregnancy will also be provided.

Sarah Beth Frederick is a mother and a certified personal trainer is the class instructor.

She said, “I became interested in leading an exercise program specifically for pregnant women after my own pregnancy. Current research shows that women who exercise during pregnancy have healthier, easier pregnancies and quicker post-partum recoveries. My goal is to provide a fitness class that will educate and motivate women to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. I also hope that this class will establish an environment that provides social interaction, support, motivation, and encouragement to pregnant women in our community.”

Women with a doctor’s medical clearance who are in their first or second trimester may enroll in the class and may remain in the class throughout their entire pregnancy. To enroll, contact the YMCA at 726-0110.