Papal Marxisms

Dear editor,

Rush Limbaugh recently opined that Pope Francis’ “evangell Gaudium” address smacked of marxism. With due respect to Francis, Rush has a point.

Rush isn’t Catholic. At 18, I left Catholicism due to irreconcilable differences. We’ve treasured Catholic relatives and friends in our lives.

Francis fired verbal bullets at capitalism, decrying an “economy of exclusion and inequality,” and lamenting “lives stunted for lack of opportunity”. He said, “a culture of prosperity deadens us” and that inequality sprawns violence.” He called for a “political battle against poverty and inequality.”

I write this to defend moral capitalism, not to attack the pope. Face it! People are not equal in abilities and/or motivation. Some are capable of creating in-demand products and services. They may become wealthy, but they need employees. Conscientious workers get better jobs. Poverty and unemployment decrease. More people pay income tax; some those dollars fund “safety nets” for the needy.

A culture of honest prosperity enlivens us!

Lives are more likely “stunted” by socialism. Americans don’t seek asylum in Cuba.

I wish Francis spent more time lamenting atrocities in Syria, North Korea and Cuba.

In fairness, the Pope isn’t alone in slamming prosperity, it happens in some Protestant situations.

Much is written about the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.

Statistics undeniably show single mothers, many in inner cities, to be a large poverty-afflicted group. Statistics show that youth in fatherless homes are likelier to violate the rights of classmates. Drop out of school and commit crimes. This just perpetuates poverty. Comfortable suburbanites are not causing the above.

Statistics suggest: finish school. Learn a trade. Marry, prior to having the kids you can afford. Insist that your kids study in school and avoid crime. “Network” with other parents.

In addition to personal responsibility, “marriage tax penalties” need eliminated permanently. The responsible “working poor” have been conflicted over earned income tax situations.

Since his acquittal, George Zimmerman seems to be proving himself a miscreant. That doesn’t change the validity of the verdict.

Yes, he shot an unarmed black teen….who was smashing his head into the pavement.

Terry D. Hallock