Sports Briefly: 01/06/14

Jr. high mat

The following Eisenhower wrestlers placed at this weekend’s Union City Junior High Wrestling Tournament:

Spencer Head, 1st, 130 lbs.

Matt Huling, 1st, 155 lbs.

Elijah Lauffenenberger, 2nd, 105 lbs.

Alex Barnett , 2nd, 110 lbs.

Sam Holt, 2nd, 115 lbs.

Ben Donnell, 4th, 80 lbs.

Parker Watson, 4th, 85 lbs.

Nate Holt, 4th, 90 lbs.

Garrett Head, 4th, 110 lbs.

The following were place winners for Beaty:

Jimmy Kramer, 1st, 87 lbs.

Jacob Fankhouser, 1st, 92 lbs.

Owen Balas, 1st, 97 lbs.

Nick Ewan, 2nd, 77 lbs.

Tyler Mahood, 2nd, 82 lbs.

Austyn Cummings, 2nd, 157 lbs.

Riley Zaffino, 2nd, 187 lbs.

Austin Sampson, 2nd, 212 lbs.

John Fankhouser, 3rd, 97 lbs.

Beau Paris, 3rd, 102 lbs.

Max Sobina, 3rd

Dominic Caprino, 4th, 140 lbs.

Youth mat

The following Eisenhower Youth Wrestlers placed this past weekend in Kane:

Cael Black, 1st, 150 lbs.

Shawn Pascuzzi, 3rd, 65 lbs.

Eric Dippold, 3rd, 60 lbs.

Mikael Beaver 3rd, 80 lbs.

Jacob Williams, 4th, 70 lbs.

Old-timers baseball

Warren’s Larry Persing was a member of the Ohio Classics senior baseball team, comprised of players from Ohio, New York, Colorado and Pennsylvania, which won the 2013 Roy Hobbs World Series Vintage Division (65-and-over) Baseball Championship in Fort Myers, Fla. The Ohio Classics compiled an 8-0 record during the recent week and defeated the Washington Titans, 9-4, in the final. The Ohio Classics are 22-0 with three Roy Hobbs championships in a row.

Winter trap

The Penn York Winter Trap League met at the Busti Trap Club this week with 160 shooters in attendance. Kalbfus was the winning team with a total score of 337, followed by Sugar Grove with 333.

Michael McDunn (49) was the high junior, Mike Ziegler (45) was the high sub junior, and Cindy Cable (47) was the high lady. Chuck Travis and Duane Schmader (47) tied for high vet, Brill Morris and Dick Starks (47) tied for high senior vet, and Jack Kostkas and Ralph Challingsworth (48) tied for high super senior vet.

Shooters are divided into 5 equal classes to increase competition. Michael McDunn is at the top of the AA class, Dean Spiridon leads the A class, Steve Ecker leads the B class, George Powley leads the C class, and Doug Gray leads the D class.

Kalbfus (337):Jim Nowacki 49, Herky Smith 49, Michael McDunn 49, Jack Kostkas 48, Chuck Loomis 48, Chuck Travis 47, Doug Gray 47

Sugar Grove (333):Gary Casler 49, Colton Black 49, Elijah Trawick 48, Paul Keppel 47, Brill Morris 47, Craig Darling 47, Jake Lindell 46

Brokenstraw (319):Robbin Weaver 47, Allen Henry 47, Steve Ecker 47, John McCanna 46,Curt Hollabaugh 44, Dale Johnson 44, Alex Johnson 44

Pine Grove (318):Cindy Cable 47, Mark Cecco 47, Rick Giannini 46, Dean Spiridon Sr 46, Greg Nagurney 44, William Gross 44, Brian Ecelberger 44

Celoron (318):Kenton Knopp 49, Vern Brown 48, Kevin Sturzenbecker 45, Dave Kingsley 45, Stephanie Tutmaher 45, Phil Strand 43, Dave Anderson 43

Busti (317):Kirk Decker 49, Dick Starks 47, Steve Paddock 45, Clyde Knapp 45, Jim DeLong 44, Jim Holcomb 44, Dean Johnson 43

Kane (316):Ralph Challingsworth 48, Bob Dixon 46, Lee Heeter 46, Mike Ziegler 45, Ricky Grundstrom 44, Marty Grove 44, Dan Pierson 43

Randolph (311):Kim Milford 46, Rex Slocum 46, Andrew Hvizdzak 45, Jacob Grimm 45, Bill Congdon 45, Paul Hvizdzak 43, Gregg Grimm 41

Carroll (292):Paul Prentice 44, Dakota Peterson 44, Rick Rusiniak 43, Jeff Munson 42, Adam Prentice 42, Ron Feidler 39, Charlie Abramo 38

Varsity slate

Here is the varsity slate of action for county teams from Monday, Jan. 6 through Saturday, Jan. 11:


Boys Basketball: Eisenhower at North Clarion, 6 p.m.

Erie Bethel at Tidioute, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Youngsville at Eisenhower, 6 p.m.

Sheffield at Port Allegany, 6 p.m.

Erie Bethel at Tidioute, 6 p.m.

Swimming: Warren at Meadville, 6:30 p.m.


Boys Basketball: Warren at Girard, 6 p.m.

Ridgway at Sheffield, 6 p.m.

WCCS at CCSI, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Warren at Fort LeBoeuf, 6 p.m.

Sheffield at Ridgway, 6 p.m.

WCCS at CCSI, 4 p.m.

Wrestling: Warren at Oil City, 6 p.m.


Girls Basketball: Eisenhower at Rocky Grove, 6 p.m.

Youngsville at Commodore Perry, 6 p.m.

Wrestling: Seneca at Eisenhower, 6 p.m.

Harbor Creek at Youngsville, 6 p.m.


Boys Basketball: General McLane at Warren, 6 p.m.

Jamestown Bethel at Tidioute, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Jamestown Bethel at Tidioute, 4 p.m.

Wrestling: Port Allegany at Sheffield, 6 p.m.

Swimming: Warren at Mercyhurst Prep, 6 p.m.


Boys Basketball: Eisenhower at Youngsville, 6 p.m.

Sheffield at Brockway, 6 p.m.

Girls Basketball: Brockway at Sheffield, 6 p.m.

Youngsville at Cochranton, 6 p.m.

Wrestling: Titusville at Warren, 6 p.m.

Sheffield, Eisenhower at Falconer Tournament, TBA


Girls Basketball: Central Tech at Warren, 6 p.m.

Wrestling: Sheffield, Eisenhower at Falconer Tournament, TBA