Garden Club closes 2013 with lunch

Warren Garden Club enjoyed the last meeting of the 2013 season with a Christmas luncheon at the Warren Woman’s Club. Ellen Paquette played the harp as background music for a social hour prior to the lunch.

Paper Nordic snowflakes hung on branches of holly comprised the centerpieces on each table. Club members were invited to take a snowflake home as their Christmas favor. Priscilla Breese and her committee decorated and made all luncheon arrangements.

After lunch, Rebecca Ryan presided over her last meeting as president. She presented each executive board member and the members of the standing and ad hoc committees with a holly decorated Christmas ornament as a token of thanks for the year’s work.

Congratulations were extended to Louise Dyer for completing her work to become an accredited flower show judge.

Joyce Milberg, Director of District VIII of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, presided over the initiation of the 2014 local officers. She compared the properties of certain herbs to the different offices in an organization. It takes many herbs blended well to prepare a delicious meal. Thus it takes several well chosen officers to create a successfully run organization.

Dyer was initiated as the new garden club president. This position was likened to the herb sage. Sage is valued as a powerful healing herb, thus a president must assume the duty of power and one who heals differences. Lavender with its lovely fragrance which is felt to induce pleasant dreams was related to the first vice-president Sue Barone. This position is responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere in an organization. Pat Christy’s position of second vice-president was likened to the herb chamomile. Chamomile settles the nerves and muscles so likewise brightens and creates relaxation in an organization.

Recording secretary Priscilla Breese relates to the properties of marjoram, used to create polish and organization. Treasurer Dorothy McCarthy likened to dill which sooths digestion after paying the bills. Basil, which is welcomed and loved in many dishes, was assigned to corresponding secretary Dottie Higgins who sends cards of love and welcome to all sick and new members.

Departing president Ryan was presented with a pressed flower picture created by Marianne Fernstrom. The frame was made by Mike Fernstrom.