Prothonotary, D.A. sworn in to office

Judge Maureen Skerda held a swearing-in ceremony Monday afternoon for the county district attorney and the prothonotary.

Skerda noted that the inaugural proceeding must take place before Monday, January 6 so that the elected officials can begin, or in Susan Kosinski’s case continue their jobs.

Rob Greene came to the front of the courtroom, accompanied by his wife, and Skerda administered the oath of office while a large number of friends and family watched from the gallery.

She then repeated the process with Kosinski, and said that Kosinski is a life-long friend of the county, spending 32 years in the office. She added that she is certain that Greene is looking forward to public service.

Afterwards, there was a photo session with the officials and families with Skerda and Judge Gregory Hammond.

Kosinski said everything she does is a team effort. “Thank you all, it’s a pleasure to serve.” She noted that the prothonotary’s office doesn’t make policy, but keeps all the criminal, civil and juvenile records for the county.

Afterward, Greene said, “I’m really looking forward to being of service to Warren County.”

He added that he is planning on naming Caleb Gnage first assistant district attorney, and hiring a new county detective.

Greene said that Rachel Canfield, the current detective is “very smart and she knows what she is doing, but I’m looking for someone with more experience, I would prefer a retired police officer.”

“I’ll take my time finding the right person,” he added.

He said that he also is looking for a change in the Warren County Drug Task Force, and wants to go after the drug “king pins, and take their things.” Greene added that confiscating property takes more work, but is more effective in the long run in halting the drug trade. “I’m excited,” he concluded.

Warren County Chief Clerk Pam Matve commented that any changes in personnel must be approved by the Salary Board.

County Coroner Jerry Borden was not present for the ceremony, and Linda Critzer said that he will be responsible for arranging his own swearing-in.