Commissioners: Relatives need not apply

The Warren County Commissioners are reviewing and changing the hiring policy for prospective county employees related to current employees.

A recent application filed for a corrections officer position was the impetus of the commissioners’ decision to begin changing the county’s nepotism policy.

Applications for vacant county positions did not ask if there was any relationship between the applicant and employees in the same department.

Commissioner Chairman Stephen Vanco, Commissioner John Eggleston and Warren County Treasurer Denny Munksgard denied the application for a vacant corrections officer position because the applicant is a relative of Kenneth Klakamp, the Warren County Sheriff. Commissioner John Bortz was not present.

Vanco said approving the hire “wouldn’t be appropriate to be under Kenny’s supervision.”

Moving forward the application will “be improved because the application process will require and elicit information,” County Solicitor Rene Johnson said.

“We’re going to implement a new practice so that we can better implement the policy,” she said.

The change in policy has been approved by the county’s labor attorney, Chief Clerk Pam Matve said.

“If you had two people working in the same department and wanted to get married, they would be faced with the choice of one of them leaving that job, either transferring into another department or giving up their job,” Eggleston said.

“If you become a relative through marraige, that’s going to apply the same way?” Munkgard asked.

“Absolutley,” Eggleston said.

The commissioners will hold their last meeting of the year at 9:30 a.m. Thursday and plan to adopt the county’s budget for 2014.